Epic Games fixes a bug when updating weapons

Updates should improve games, however Epic Games is now not blessed when it comes to updates. Update 11.40 to get”Fortnite” brings
a well-known weapon, but at the exact same time causes a new bug. Sticks which will be pressed just such as buttons (L3 and R3)
can now be used on encouraged i-OS controls.

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On the iPad Pro (version from 2018), 120 frames / sec. Supported. Star Wars achievements are back to the legacy time line. Update
11.40 for”Fortnite” attracts the Star Wars achievements back to the legacy Time Line Improvements contrary to declines at the
framework stuttering and rate were made on cellular devices. There is also a new sequence in”Save the World” mode from”Fortnite”.
Since January 16, 2020 there’s been a”special production” dictate collection. Inside this, nasty toys make the home base unsafe.
Players must help put down the rebellion of the toys. As a reward, there is the toy explorer”Jilly Teacup”.

Falling into concealing no longer causes the crosshairs of this repeating sniper gun to disappear.

FORTNITE ACCOUNT GENERATOR 11.40: The thick assault rifle is rear Fixed a problem where players out of mobile devices were stuck into
a”select fire mode” screen. Fixed an issue where the Retrieval / Toxin Challenge”Visit Different Bus Stations Throughout Match”
did not count some bus stops.

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